The First Post

This is the fist post for B&G Produce, as of now the unofficial name for the business my fiance and I are setting up to provide produce at the still absent Pierre Farmers market.  Our plot of land is east of Pierre by about 15 miles and there is plenty of space for us to grow pretty much whatever we think can survive out here.  Here’s what we’ve got growing in our back bedroom greenhouse:

Tomatoes– Several different varieties including Brandywine, Valley Girl, Green Zebra, and Black Prince

Tomatillo – Our fist attempt at growing these

Leeks– Using the ‘Bandit’ variety.  Last season had pretty good success with these though we’re looking to try a different planting and hilling up style to produce a longer white section.

Celery – ‘Tango’ variety, reading the packet instructions and in gardening books this one has me worried…

Peppers– Serranos, bell, and a Romanian type

Herbs– Basil (purple & Genovese), thyme, flat leaf parsley, & oregano.

Our back room seed starting set up.

Our back room seed starting set up.

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