The babies of 2010

We started herbs first this year. If I remember correctly we have 3 kinds of thyme, rosemary, sorrel, 2 kinds of parsley, 2 kinds of basil, chives, chervil, chammomile, cilantro, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something! It’s always fun to see the first seedlings poking through and it makes me want to plant more and more and more.

Herb seedlings

We’ve also started planting tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, okra, celery, celery root, and leeks inside. At the garden, we’re getting a good start too…and hoping the weather cooperates for our first market day of May 15th! In the garden, we’ve started peas, radishes, spinach, greens, green onions, and a couple other items. Last weekend we planted 200 feet of potatoes and it felt like quite a chore. Yesterday, Matt and I planted 1,000 feet of potatoes! That was a chore!! We have Kennebec, Pontiac Red, Yukon, French Fingerling, and Russian Banana. We also have some Red Norland and hopefully some purple fingerlings.

We expanded the garden again this year…actually we more than doubled the space this year. And, we plan to fill it will all sorts of goodness for market and our CSA shares.

Yes…we started CSA shares this year and we’re so excited about them! The first CSA date is the first Tuesday in June. Yum.

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