Radishes, Peas, Tulips, and Leeks…oh the Leeks

Although it’s last in the title, I’m going to start with leeks. You all like leeks, right? They look like a thick green onion, have a nice mild onion flavor, and are great to cook with! Last night, Debby sautéed some leeks with shiitake mushrooms and peas. They’re also great simply grilled with a drizzle of olive oil, cracked pepper, and salt (Matt’s favorite!). Matt and I transplanted about 900 leeks yesterday. To reflect on last year…for some reason our leeks didn’t do well in 2009. We planted about 100, transplanted about 12, and ended up harvesting 3. So, quite a contrast for this year! Late this Summer and early Fall, we hope to have a ton lovely leeks.

While at the garden yesterday, we walked around to check what’s starting to sprout. It’s so fun to see lines of green popping up where we planted little seeds a week or two ago. The radishes are starting to peek through. Matt will have to thin the seedlings in the next couple weeks in order for them to produce nice round globes.

Sprouting Radishes

We were excited to see the peas finally beginning to sprout. For some reason they are one my favorite to watch grow. Maybe it’s the prospect of the first harvested pea pod of the season!

Sprouting Peas

Now for something not related to the garden… Some of you know Matt and I purchased our first home in January. All of you know how much snow we had in January. As it started to melt in late March, we began to see our yard. Whoever lived here before planted an array of perennials and it’s been a joy to watch them growing this Spring!

2010 Tulip

2010 Tulip

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