Radish Thinnings…

Some of you may have noticed in previous posts that I mention Matt having to “thin” something in the garden…whether that’s radishes, lettuce, melons, or something else. The reason it’s always Matt is because I feel so bad when I take a little living plant out of its home. It feels like a waste of perfectly good plants…although, I know we have to do it in order for them to fully develop. They need space. So, this season when it came time to thin the first set of radishes, I decided it was time for me to buck up and do the dirty job. Then, I thought to myself…wait a minute, I bet radish thinnings would be pretty tasty. So, I saved all the radishes I thinned from the area.

Radish Thinnings

We were able to make two meals out of them. The first night, we had a nice radish salad with a sweet dressing to counter the slight spiciness of the radishes. The second night, we tossed them with tortellini and cream.

Tortellini & Radish Thinnings

This dish was so yummy! It made me want to thin the radishes again! But, had I thinned them again you wouldn’t have had this lovely assortment at market on May 29th. I couldn’t do that to you! These Pink Beauty radishes are definitely a favorite of Matt and I. The flavor is nice, but not too spicy. Crisp and a wonderful pink color.

Pink Beauty Radishes

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