Summer Squash…so soon…so very soon

Between Monday and Thursday, the vegetables (and weeds) grew a ton! I couldn’t believe how the napa cabbage had grown in just a couple days!! Everything just seemed so much more mature. I walked through the summer squash patch and was pleasantly surprised to find the following…

Bush Baby

Patty Pan


You can see these won’t be ready for Saturday, but I think it’s possible we may have some for a few of our CSA members on Tuesday and I think it’s quite possible we’ll have it for next Saturday. Once they start producing, it’s difficult to keep on top of. I’m sure we’ll have one or two baseball bat zucchinis this year just as we have in the past.

If you read the Capital City Farmers Market post, you know we skipped Weeding Wednesday this week. I did have a friend’s teenage daughter and her friend out to help Thursday, though. We dove into the pumpkin and winter squash patch and did some much needed weeding. When the girls left, they got to harvest some produce to take home. Together, they took home a nice variety of produce including young leeks, hungarian hot wax peppers, kohlrabi (first of the season), toscano kale, pontiac red potatoes, and yukon potatoes. I hope they come back again. It’s always nice to have multiple hands when it comes to weeding.

Thursday Weeding Goodies

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