Finally…the rest of our Black Hills photos

It’s all about the photos, here. Our trip in October was fabulous. We stayed in Rapid City Wednesday night and ate at The Corn Exchange. Let me just say….white corn pancake with smoked trout, yummy. Then we drove to Hot Springs and stayed at the Red River Rock Resort. Our room was very urban-cool and our massages were wonderful. If you go there, be sure to spend some time in the Granite Room. It’s warm, the colors are beautiful, and it’s just…relaxing. Food selection words of wisdon – take food with you. Unfortunately not a lot of options in Hot Springs. But, still, well worth the drive and stay at the resort. Evan and his wife are very hospitable and Evan makes a mean latte. Friday we headed to Sylvan Lake for our friends’ wedding. We spent part of Friday hiking around Sylvan and the evening at a little get together. Saturday was all about the wedding. Sunday we drove to Spearfish and had lunch at the Coffee Bean. Someone at the wedding said it had great coffee. They were right, plus it also has great food. We had asiago bisque and an apple, cheddar, bacon panini. Sunday night we stayed at a friend’s cabin and then back home on Monday. Overall, a really nice and much needed trip for both of us. We hope you enjoy the photos!

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2 Responses to Finally…the rest of our Black Hills photos

  1. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing about the time you spent in the Black Hills. Sounds like you enjoyed your visit and were able to relax and enjoy many different areas of the Hills.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Katlyn Richter
    South Dakota Office of Tourism

  2. Matthew Riter says:

    Very cool pics! Hard to believe such a place is so close to home…

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