April 2nd in the Greenhouse

First, I want to provide you with updated photos our our happy herbs…red-veined sorrel and parsley. We moved them from our home-seedling-growing-room into the greenhouse and after an initial shock of the change of scenery, they flourish!

Now, for the first pictures of our 2011 rosemary…isn’t it awesome and furry!

And here’s what it looks like in the greenhouse. The specks of green are the herbs we started inside. All of the other brown trays are eggplant and peppers. Lots and lots of eggplant and peppers. About 900 each. (An additional benefit of having cats…lots of empty litter containers for propping up boards. Of course, all have been washed.)

This is the northwest part of the greenhouse. Three of the six raised beds we’ll have inside. Pretty soon we’ll plant some mixed lettuce and radishes for the first couple markets. The pots you see are for the two dwarf fig trees we have coming in this week! And we’ve also ordered dwarf meyer lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine bushes/trees!

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