Pasta Cooking Class

If you didn’t attend Matt’s pasta class at Dishes in February, here’s what you missed…a fun class where everyone found out it’s really pretty easy to make pasta. And, there is a huge difference between dried pasta we buy at the store and the real deal you make in your kitchen.

After a bit of instruction, everyone got to take a spin with the pasta machine on the KitchenAid. There are also hand-crank pasta rollers and those work just as well. Depends on what you prefer to use.

Top: Jessica B ~ Bottom left: Barb B ~ Bottom right: Gloria G

And then comes the best part. Assemble the filled pasta, make various sauces, and enjoy!

More classes are coming up. If you’re interested stop in, call, or email Dishes to sign up.

Thanks to Lori W for the photos!

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