Lovely Spinach

I love the greenhouse. Why? Because even though we’re supposed to get snow (are you kidding me?!) on Friday, I’m not even a tad bit worried about the little lettuce, radish, and spinach growing happily in the greenhouse.

Now, how to cover all the garden so it’s protected? That’s a question to ponder another day and for now, it shouldn’t matter very much. We recently planted peas and fava beans, but they won’t even have time to think about sprouting before the snow hits. The garlic is starting to poke through, but it’s tucked safely under its hay mulch as are the raspberries and herbs which just started to grow.

Inside the greenhouse, little seedlings will continue to poke through the ground. This is the first radish of the year. I actually think it broke ground while I was there yesterday.

These little lettuce seedlings are popping up all over in their raised bed.

And then onto the most beautiful spinach. I think spinach seedlings are absolutely little individual pieces of art. This is natural beauty…you can’t make this stuff up.

The organic shapes of the leaves as they sprout, the way each tiny plant plays with the one next to it, how the negative space between the leaves becomes something lovely, and how even though they are the same plants they are nothing alike.

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