Potatoes – I never thought we’d be done planting

It’s true. I really wasn’t sure we’d ever get to the bottom of the last box of potatoes. And to be perfectly honest, we didn’t finish the last box. We planted as much as we could, but came to the realization that we also needed to leave room for corn, beans, and squash in the plot.

It all started late last Fall. Matt and I had gone out to dinner and started talking about the 2011 garden. One thing led to another and we ended up home on the computer ordering potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes. Thirteen varieties, in fact. Seven more than we grew in 2010.

The next morning, we woke up and said, “Did we really order over 300 pounds of seed potatoes last night?” Yep, we sure did.

So, here we are in our make-shift Spring and we’ve got loads of potatoes to plant. We started last Saturday (what a lovely day) and finished up this afternoon (not nearly as lovely). After all was said and done, we planted about 6,000 potato plants…give or take a 100 or so.

Front to back: German Butterball, Desiree, Purple Peruvian, & Ozette

If all goes well, we should have plenty of potatoes to offer from July through November.

The varieties we’re planting this year are:
– Banana
– Blossom
– Desiree
– German Butterball
– Kennebec
– Ozette
– Pontiac Red
– Purple Peruvian
– Purple Viking
– Red Norland
– Rio Grande Russet
– Sangre
– Yukon

Remembering all of their names is nearly impossible now, but as we start harvesting this summer it will be easy. Each potato is a little different whether in shape, color, or texture.

From top: Blossom, Purple Peruvian, & Ozette


First garden potatoes…can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Potatoes – I never thought we’d be done planting

  1. Beth Flom says:

    I can’t wait to try some of your potatoes – what fun!! lol it looks like we all can’t wait 😀

  2. Deb says:

    I am in awe of all your photos…gorgeous! Beautiful photography and I can’t wait for all the seasons harvests to show up at the market. The potatoes look fantastic and I am searching next for all the colorful recipes to use them in. Summer can’t be here soon enough!

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