Asparagus, Chives, Eggs, and Nettles

Some of you may remember my nettles post from last year. Matt and I were so excited to have foraged nettles from the trees by my parents’ house and were even more excited about how good they tasted. We did bring some to market, but people were wary. The whole “stinging” nettles part sounds scarier than it really is.

Last weekend, we went foraging in the trees again and found an even bigger patch of nettles growing this year. Knowing that the asparagus was also just starting to shoot out of the ground, we were anticipating our first real garden meal…breakfast.

The next morning we got up, harvested nettles, asparagus, and chives, and then we paid the chickens a visit. Farm fresh eggs are the best! The flavor of a fresh egg will make you turn your nose up at a “normal” store bought egg. It’s true. No doubt about it.

Matt started by carefully washing the nettles. They do sting when in the raw form, so they need to be washed and cooked prior to eating. He also rinsed the asparagus and chives. In a saute pan, he combined olive oil, chopped asparagus, nettles, and finely chopped chives.

After the mixture was cooked through, he started the eggs. To complete the dish, he placed the greens and a little cheese on the eggs before folding them into an omelette.

So good. Everything just tastes better when you know where it came from…and the fact that it was so fresh also plays a big part in the yum factor.

Look for some nettles at market on Saturday. We don’t have enough asparagus to bring in, but perhaps Ralph will have more again this year. I’m sure we’ll bring some chives. Until we get our candling license, though, no farm fresh eggs. But, hey, three out of four isn’t bad. And, hopefully, we’ll either get our candling license or someone else will start bringing eggs to market.

See you Saturday!

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