Crayton’s Birthday Dinner

My dad’s birthday was almost a month ago. When I asked him what he wanted, he said “a night off from the garden”. I can’t blame him. Most nights, we work until it gets dark. In June and July, that can lead to a very late evening, followed by a very late dinner.

So, for his birthday, we ended early and had one of his favorite meals. We grilled four Two Plus Three Acres ribeyes rubbed with chipotle. Then, we topped them with blue cheese and avocado. They were similar to La Minestra’s “Royale” which is my dad’s favorite meal. With the steaks we had steamed carrots, new potatoes, and fava beans tossed in butter.

If you’ve never had fresh fava beans (I know, it’s impossible not to think of Silence of the Lambs.), you really should. They are buttery and creamy…absolutely one of my favorite new things this year. Next year, we’ll plant many more so we can bring them to market and include them in CSA baskets.

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