Growth, Change, and Beauty

Growth – A few posts ago, I included a photo of us transplanting the tomato plants…all 700-some of them. The picture below shows how far they’ve come. Matt had his first tomato from the garden last week. Most of our plants are loaded with green tomatoes and it’s like watching paint dry waiting for them to turn red, orange, purple, or whatever color they should turn. I have a feeling within the next week or two we are going to be swimming in tomatoes. And, I can’t wait.

Change – A month or so ago, we learned that our friend, Joey, had taken a job in Chile. Matt and I were so bummed to hear the news. Joey is one of those friends you just want to hang out with. He’s up for anything, loves life, and is an overall joy to be around. The bright side of the story is that his wife, Christy, will be staying and Joey will be back every 3 months (or 90 days…as Joey says, whatever you think sounds like less time). So, we get to keep spending time with Christy, watch for Joey’s Facebook posts, and look forward to October when he’s home to visit. Two days before leaving, he and Christy came out to the farm for possibly our last Weeding Wednesday. It was an extraordinary night and after weeding the eggplant, we enjoyed the weather, a few beers, and each other’s company in garden.

Lindy, Matt, Christy, Joey, & Taffy (the one cat we sometimes allow in the garden)

Beauty – Although I think the vegetables we grow are pretty darn beautiful, the flowers my mom has been tending to this year are really something. The lilies were especially gorgeous this year. I love all of these shots…

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1 Response to Growth, Change, and Beauty

  1. terrybear says:

    I like the title. At first sight, I thought it is about the growth of a teenager. When I read the article and the pictures, I know it is about plant. I like the first picture most. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see harvest.

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