Garlic, Tomatoes, Flowers, and the Snake

After our garlic success last year, really our first experience with fresh garlic, we planned for much more this year. And, it was the right decision. Many of you have already enjoyed some of our garlic this year and there’s still some more for you to get your hands on. It’s incredible that something as simple as garlic can really benefit in flavor by being grown locally. But, it truly is a wonderful experience.

The picture below is of the first tomato staring to turn in the garden. This particular tomato is a black cherry and it’s one of Matt’s favorite. We brought along a few cherry tomatoes for people to try last week at market because we still don’t have enough to sell. Hopefully soon, though, there will be more than we care to harvest.

How I love flowers. They can brighten up any day…

Ok, onto the snake. We’re always finding “treasures” at the garden. Sometimes is an old cattle tag, sometimes part of a disc blade, barbed wire…you name it, we’ve found it. A couple weeks ago when Matt and I arrived at the farm, my dad said he’d found the winner of all “treasures”. He proceeds to hold up a 6 foot snake skin. Thank goodness he didn’t find it in the garden. It was a good distance away from the garden, in fact. But, still…this came from a large snake and he’s still out there. Good news, it’s a bull snake. They keep away rattle snakes. So, I’ll take him any day instead of a huge rattler.

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