(drum roll please) The good news is…

Those of you who read my farmers market email already know that B and G was hit with a pretty hard frost on Wednesday night. Even with many items covered, Matt felt the loss was substantial to the eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and summer squash.

So, why the title about good news? Well, we went out today and it’s not a complete loss. Some of the tomatoes still look good, especially the cherry tomatoes. We will be able to salvage the fruit currently on the eggplants, but that will be it. Some peppers took a really hard hit, but some of them look surprisingly good. Summer squash is still kicking, albeit a lot less kick.

But other plants took the chill well. For instance the kale still looks great! We trimmed back the frostbit Swiss chard leaves and as long as we get some nice weather, we’ll have more chard. A few basil plants survived. Parsley looks good. Lettuces and celery look great! Cabbages are hanging in there. We can finally see all of the winter squash since the plants have died off. I sincerely hope you all enjoy winter squash, because there is a lot of it! And pumpkins will be coming to market this weekend.

So, although the chill was unnecessary (Mother Nature, are you reading my blog post today?) we’ll get by. We just won’t have the amount of eggplant and tomatoes we’d hoped to raise this year.

But, as with most things…there’s always next year. We’ve ordered garlic and will plant it this fall. We’ll also get some spinach seeds in the ground, so we have some hearty, early spinach next Spring.

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