What should we do with 250 pounds of tomatoes?

We ran out of time Friday night, and could only harvest about 80 pounds of tomatoes. Thanks to everyone who bought them at market. We sold out and hope you all enjoy them!

Knowing there were a lot of ripe and ready tomatoes at the garden, I drove out this morning. My dad and I harvested 25 flats of tomatoes, which equates to about 250 pounds of tomatoes. The photo below only shows 14 of the flats.


We’ll harvest again next week for market on September 6, so we need to use these tomatoes. But how? Well, I have a plan…I think I have a plan, anyway.

I should mention, there was also a bucket of cherry tomatoes. Those are currently halved and in the dehydrator. In a number of hours, they will be yummy and dried, ready for the freezer.

I have half of the Romas in the oven working on a Passata. Sometime this week, I’ll make another batch.

We will make ketchup with the orange tomatoes.

I plan to can a bunch of these, just plain tomatoes. They can be used in so many recipes. They’re simply a staple we must have in the pantry.

My mom found a recipe for a spicy bloody mary mix, which is out of this world, so I’m sure she’ll make more of that.

She will probably also make more soup and maybe some plain juice.

We’ll also make some oven dried tomatoes with a bit of vinegar and topped with olive oil.

Matt wants to make a roasted tomato sauce.

I also plan to make some salsa.

Will this take care of all the tomatoes and will we have time to finish all the projects? I’m not sure, but we’re going to try. Somewhere along the way, I need to pickle some fennel and roast some eggplant. I may possibly make some eggplant parmesan to freeze. I’ll be taking photos and posting recipes along the way. Wish us luck!

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