Locally Roasted Coffee Beans at Bliss/Sweet Peas

Matt just finished roasting four kinds of coffee beans for this weekend. We’ll be at Bliss/Sweet Peas (located in the St Charles) again this Saturday from 10am-4pm. I will be there to answer questions about the coffee beans and our process.

Raw Colombia Beans

Raw Colombia Beans

We will have Colombia Dark Roast to sample. We’ll also have a few bags of Pea Shoots available for purchase. Remember, you can pick up some Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones dog biscuits along with perusing the eclectic items Bliss/Sweet Peas has available. I came home with four dining room chairs last week!

Locally roasted coffee beans available this weekend:
Colombia Dark Roast ~ smooth, fruity, blackberry finish, medium acidity
Sumatra Medium Dark Roast ~ earthy cedar-wood, green pepper, fruity fragrance, lingering dark chocolate
Guatemala Medium Dark Roast ~ dark chocolate, butter, cinnamon, toasted nuts, raisins
Brazil Peaberry Blend ~ slight nuttiness, body is creamy and full

Colombia Roasted Beans

Roasted Colombia Beans

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