The First Trip – Sevilla, Spain – Day 1

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Jerry and Mitchell were very comfortable with the leisurely pace of Sevilla. We met them for breakfast at El Sanedrin around 9:30am which Jerry let us know was a little early. Matt and I both enjoyed flavorful tostadas with jamón, rosemary infused olive oil, and tomato sauce. These were worth trying to replicate at home.

We also learned something very important at breakfast. We’d been ordering lattes when we should have been ordering “café con leche”, translated means coffee with milk. This is the correct way to order lattes in Spain. Good…now we know.

After a couple café con leche, Mitchell walked with us to Triana. This neighborhood is located on the west bank of the Guadalquivir River. We saw a number of pottery stores, as this area is famous for it’s pottery and beautiful tiles. We also explored the Mercado de Triana. For whatever reason, and maybe it was this particular day, the market smelled a bit fishy. We still enjoyed wandering through and purchased some dried apricots and almonds.


Taking a walk along the river, we saw some really striking buildings and artwork. Walking is my favorite way to see cities. You can get into the nooks and tiny spaces you just can’t get to on a bus or subway. Not to say, those modes of transportation aren’t handy or worthwhile, they totally are and we use them a lot. It’s just nice to take things slow sometimes.


With my photography background, I’m constantly taking photos. Mitchell thought it was a hoot and thus started photographing me as I was taking photos. And then, Matt chimed in.


Something we didn’t realize when we scheduled this trip was the importance of January 6. Three King’s Day is the equivalent to Christmas. Everyone decorates their homes, inside and out. Cities add decorations to their streets. Children receive gifts. And, some cities have parades. We were in for a treat this evening, January 5, the night before Three King’s Day because Sevilla is one of those cities. The parade was full of floats and people throwing candy to onlookers. Throughout the parade were three very important floats, those of the Three Kings: Balthazar, Gaspar, and Melchior. We had so much fun and I managed to get a pocketful of candy!

After the parade, we wandered to Bodega Dos de Mayo for dinner, as did everyone else at the parade! They hadn’t opened the doors for dinner yet and there were lines at both entrances when we arrived. We were lucky to secure a small table for four. This tapas bar is a little different in that you place your order at the counter and they yell to let you know your items are ready.

We enjoyed our vino tinto (red wine) with five tapas. 1) Rollitos: pepper, tetilla cheese, and jamón rolled together and fried, 2) Fried monkfish, 3) Pieces of Spanish paprika marinated pork skewered and grilled, served over fries, 4) Solomillo (similar to sirloin steak) with an excellent cumin sauce, served over fries, and 5) Fresh chilled shrimp. We sipped our wine, savored every bite, chatted about the parade, and relished the energy of this place and the guests.

On the way back to the hotel, I was delighted to see the shop across the street was open. Looking in the display windows, I could tell it was my kind of shop. One detail I’ve found interesting in Spain is how businesses look when they are closed. Many of them have roll down gates. Puro Garbo was no different. There’s something about not knowing what is behind the door that is mysterious and intriguing.


Upon entering the store, I was in enamored. They had the most impressive fascinators (headpieces very popular in Spain) I’d ever seen. I wanted so many of them! But, the reality is that I don’t get an opportunity to wear them and they deserve better homes than I could provide. So, instead, I bought this colorful fish bracelet which I love wearing. And that purchase closed out our evening.


The First Trip – Sevilla, Spain – Day 2

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