The First Trip – Sevilla, Spain – Day 3

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Los Niños del Flor for breakfast again today. Yes, we did. Jamón tostada and café con leche. No shame. In fact, another round of café con leche, por favor.

And then we were introduced to the beast known as El Corte Ingles. It’s like Younkers on steroids, with food. We went there to have a few of Matt’s clothes laundered. We did not anticipate the clothing, the furniture, and the grocery store! This place has everything you might need, and probably more. We don’t frequent it often, but it’s definitely a nice resource for a variety of items.

After strolling through El Barrio Santa Cruz, a very touristy but also extremely beautiful part of Sevilla, we stopped for lunch at Bar Carmela. Mojitos for lunch? Absolutely. We’re on vacation. We enjoyed some Chorizo, Albondigas (meatballs made with shrimp & squid) with a Mushroom Risotto, Spinach Salad, and Madejillas de Langostinos. The Madejillas de Langostinos were really quite tasty. It was langostinos wrapped in what seemed like very thin noodles and then fried. They were served over tomato jam. This was memorable enough that I now made homemade Tomato Jam each summer.



Shrimp & Squid Albondigas

Shrimp & Squid Albondigas

Madejillas de Langostinos

Madejillas de Langostinos

After lunch, we were all craving something a little sweet. Mitchell knew of a unique ice cream shop, Villar Helados. This ice cream was spectacular. The owner was so friendly and incredibly proud of her work, as she should be. Before deciding upon flavors, we were able to try cheese with fig, lemon, mango, chocolate mousse, chocolate banana, strawberry, and kiwi.


Their ice cream is made with over 55% fruit. When figs are in season, they have a fig ice cream which is over 70% fruit. Mitchell selected Santa Barbara and Dark Chocolate. Matt opted for Cheese with Fig and Chocolate Banana. I chose Chocolate Banana and Strawberry. It was outstanding. I read a note on Yelp that they may have closed their shop. I really hope that’s not the case as this was, and remains, the best ice cream Matt and I have ever tasted.


We decided to head back to Espacio Azahar for siesta. On our way through the lobby, the owner suggested we go up to the terrace bar for a drink. What a fun little haven! After a relaxing beer, we had an even more relaxing siesta.


We had a fairly uneventful dinner and then enjoyed a restful night’s sleep. Until tomorrow.

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  2. Lauren says:

    The food looks amazing!!!

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