Zeppelin & the Ladies

It took a while longer than planned to build the new chicken house next to the existing coop, but it’s done! When the wind finally calmed down a couple weeks ago, Matt and my dad were able to finish the roof. Thanks to some scrap siding from Jason W., we put together a pretty nice coop for the new “kids” in our family.

Matt and I drove to Canistota to pick up 35 hens and a rooster from Becky M. and her family. After a week of confinement, so they could imprint on their new home, we let them out. And, they were so happy!


We named our rooster Zeppelin and he manages his ladies quite nicely! We will carefully introduce him to the existing rooster, Prancer, and hope they get along.


We’ve been gathering between 18-24 eggs a day. They range in color from stark white to mahogany to baby blue to speckled green to beige. So many colors and they are gorgeous eggs! Plus, Becky and her family were awesome to the hens and Zeppelin so we have some very healthy and happy birds. I think that makes all the difference! Matt needs to take his egg certification test and we’ll be ready to sell them at the Capital City Farmers’ Market!


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