The First Trip – Last Day in Malaga, Spain

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When you get down to the last couple days, in this case day and a half, you want to squeeze everything in to the remaining time. We arrived back in Malaga for a short stay before flying back to the States. We loved El Riad so much, we reserved a room before we left the week prior.

Back in the, now familiar, city of Malaga we wandered to our favorite spots. A final stroll through the Mercado Central to pick up some marcona almonds and dried apricots to savor once back home. A walk to the base of Castillo de Gibralfaro. The hike back up would be reserved for a future visit. Wandering around the base, we saw some leisurely feral cats. They are loved by the locals and visitors alike, and fed by some of the more generous fishermen.



An enjoyable lunch of beer, jamón, mahón cheese, and a superb dish of warm shrimp with fresh artichoke hearts. A standout amid a sea of remarkable food we devoured throughout the trip.




That evening, we visited El Tapeo de Cervantes again for dinner. Our selection for the evening included: 1) Melted provolone topped with tomato confit and arugula, 2) Flamenquin, 3) Grilled chipirones (squid) with sauteed spinach, 4) Carrillada (braised pork cheek), 5) Empanadas (these are damn delicious, every time), 6) Smoked salmon and cream cheese atop potato slices, and 7) Sliced sweet potatoes topped with blood sausage, quail eggs, and tomato relish. Amazing food.

Our last day ended up being decidedly lax, and we loved every moment. Most of the day focused around the beach. Dipping our toes in the cool water, searching for shells in the sand, sipping chilled cava while listening to the gently crashing waves, and watching the sun slowly set as we sat together near the shore.

Spain. We adore you. We’ll be back as soon as possible.


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  2. And Spain adores you, too!

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