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In Season: What we’re doing with Cabbage

I adore pot stickers. I mean, really love them. Like, a lot. I’m also a huge fan, as many of you already know, of preserving our summer bounty for winter consumption. The one thing I generally dislike about Chinese food … Continue reading

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Vegetable Fajitas

Matt and I don’t eat a lot of meat. At least not compared to how we used to eat…a big steak, baked potato, and a little bit of greens. Now, if we have a steak, we tend to get a … Continue reading

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Chicken Shawarma – The Best Food EVER, Seriously

It’s been just over 3 years since I devoured my first chicken shawarma in Malaga, Spain. We’d walked past Gofre’s Pizza each day as it was near our bed & breakfast, El Riad. Every time we walked past this corner dive, … Continue reading

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CSA Basket and Recipes for July 12

One of my favorite aspects of the CSA baskets is the excitement of each week’s surprise. I know I shouldn’t be excited, because I’m not taking a bag home. But, I think it is exciting. It’s great to see the … Continue reading

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Local Treats

Many people, including Matt and I, were thrilled to have an artisan bread vendor at market again. Patti Duffy of Bad River Bread graced market with some great breads this weekend. We picked up a peasant loaf. (We also came … Continue reading

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Recipes for produce from July 2 market

Finally this weekend we’ll have more than three items on our table. So exciting! To help you prepare meals with the produce you purchase, we’re providing you with a few recipes to try. Enjoy! Green Goddess Dressing Ingredients: – 1 … Continue reading

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