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In Season: Roasted Sweet Potato & Sauteed Greens Poke Bowl

I started making poke (pronounced po-kay) bowls a lot this summer. Once the rice is cooked, the rest is pretty easy. And, you can play around with various toppings, depending on what you have. Traditionally, I think of a poke … Continue reading

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Weekend Omelette

I never really enjoyed omelettes until recently. Most of the ones I’d had in the past had too much cheese, not enough flavor, too much filling, or just didn’t taste great. Then there was one morning when I threw together … Continue reading

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In Season: What we’re doing with Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is one of the most beautiful plants we grow. The stalks vary from white to yellow to pink to red to striped and the large green leaves are accented by veins of matching colors. Swiss chard is a … Continue reading

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In Season: What we’re doing with Barese Swiss Chard

Barese Swiss chard is chard bred to grow and look like bok choy. If you’re a gardener know that flea beetles love bok choy. Holes in produce does not bother us, but the holes don’t settle as well with everyone … Continue reading

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One Night, Two Soups

Matt and I have a ton of produce this time of the year. When we open the fridge, all we see are our biodegradable bags full of various vegetables. It gets to a point when we just have to attack … Continue reading

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Grits n’ Greens Casserole (& grapes at the farm)

Two Wednesdays ago we had dinner with Susan and Jack, some family from California. I took up the Zucchini Salad recipe I’ve been raving about. We also had sliced tomatoes, fresh walleye, and Grits n’ Greens Casserole. For dessert we had … Continue reading

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CSA Basket and Recipes for July 12

One of my favorite aspects of the CSA baskets is the excitement of each week’s surprise. I know I shouldn’t be excited, because I’m not taking a bag home. But, I think it is exciting. It’s great to see the … Continue reading

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