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In Season: What we’re doing with Fava Beans

We look forward to many vegetables throughout the season. Fava beans rank fairly high for both Matt and I. Their growing window is short, especially when summer heat hits in June, like this year. We will have favas for two … Continue reading

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Grilled Fava Beans

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog. Time to get the ball rolling again. This will be a simple post for a simple recipe found on 101cookbooks.com. I love this site.  This recipe is for simple … Continue reading

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Sunday Garden Dinner

It’s been a couple weeks now,  but one Sunday morning when Matt and I were enjoying breakfast together we started discussing dinner. We do this a lot, simply because we might have to start thawing a chicken, or begin a … Continue reading

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Crayton’s Birthday Dinner

My dad’s birthday was almost a month ago. When I asked him what he wanted, he said “a night off from the garden”. I can’t blame him. Most nights, we work until it gets dark. In June and July, that … Continue reading

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